My name is Dana and I (didn't) save the ☠☠☠☠ world! Comic book guy, Nextwave fanboy, gamer, writer, and pro wrestling fan. Not a drunk robot or a British monster hunter, but I play them on Twitter. 
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Best DragonCon story:

I see a guy cosplaying The Captain from Nextwave: OMG YOURE THE CAPTAIN YOU ARE SO RAD TAKE MY CIGS AND BOOZE!

See Doc Hammer: oh hey it’s doc hammer but OMG YOU’RE THE CAPTAIN YOU ARE SO RAD I LOVE YOU!

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Happy ‘Would-Be’ 97th Birthday to the greatest comic creator of all time, the man whose mind was miles ahead of the rest, the genius who is responsible for many of my (and your) beloved properties — Jack Kirby.  He’s called ‘The King’ for a reason.